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We do more than manage properties. We deliver peace of mind.

大发体育在线管理解决方案将帮助您保护您的投资, provide comprehensive professional service, minimize your costs and maximize your income. 我们100%专注于为业主和居民提供优质的大发体育在线管理服务.

Real Freedom

Residential Property Management in Portland, OR

房地产管理解决方案是负担得起的解决方案,以管理房地产在波特兰大都市区. 我们100%专注于优质住宅大发体育在线管理,以更好地服务我们的客户和客户. With over 30 years of nationwide experience, 我们提供行业领先的管理服务,价格适合任何预算.

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Wealth Optimizer

财富优化器是一个直观的,强大的界面,提供方便访问重要指标. 您可以比较多个属性,以快速确定哪个属性适合您的投资组合. 该工具自动提取公开可用的财产估值数据或指定自己的估值. You can quickly change various financial assumptions, such as interest rates, holding periods, or equity, 这会产生比较报告,以了解对您的财产回报的影响. You can determine appreciation, cash flow, debt reduction, combined ROI, and other financial key performance indicators.


Wealth Optimizer Calculator

Make more, without the drama.

使用合适的大发体育在线管理公司可以让你赚更多的钱,而不是更少. For more than 35 years, 全国各地成千上万的出租大发体育在线业主和投资者都信任房地产管理办公室来照顾他们的租赁资产.

Why Choose Us

Leave the hard work to us.

Our approach is simple. Real Property Management Solutions offices provide professional, trustworthy property management services, from tenant screening to leasing to maintenance to evictions. 无论您是拥有多个出租大发体育在线的投资者,还是只有一个出租大发体育在线的投资者, 您的大发体育在线管理解决方案办公室提供服务和解决方案,为您的成功奠定基础.

Areas We Serve

Property Management is Our Specialty

房地产管理解决方案不是一个房地产经纪与大发体育在线管理的副业. We are property management specialists. 与我们经验丰富的大发体育在线经理合作,您将获得比传统房地产公司更大的价值.

Lower Vacancy Rates

我们多年的经验和全国范围内的覆盖意味着我们可以快速填补合格租户的空缺. 我们检查信用和背景,以确保潜在租户是合格的. 我们的技术平台允许我们全天候回答问题和安排放映.


We strive for operational transparency. We provide clear fee schedules with no hidden charges, providing in writing what all our services entail.

Relationship Focused

Our goal is to help you optimize the return on your rental property. 我们确保您在市场租金,并与您合作,如何实现您的财产的最高回报率,同时保护您的资产.

Open 24/7

我们可以24小时提供现场电话或电子邮件维护问题, leasing questions, or showing requests. 我们的租户和业主在线门户网站提供访问财务报表, leases, maintenance requests, and other critical information about your rental property.

Negotiated Discounts

作为一个全国性组织的一部分,我们与供应商和供应商建立了全国性的伙伴关系. We use this bulk purchasing power to obtain discounts for our clients.

Our Done Right Promise

在为您的投资大发体育在线寻找合适的大发体育在线经理时, 你想知道的是,他们第一次站在自己的工作背后,把工作做好. 我们训练有素,技术精湛的团队努力工作,确保您的大发体育在线管理得到妥善处理.

如果您不满意我们履行您的管理协议中规定的管理职责, 在您的管理协议期限的前60天内以书面形式与我们联系, 我们将在我们认为必要的程度上纠正这个问题, or we will terminate the Management Agreement without penalty.

Systems and Resources

We are not a mom-and-pop or a one-man show. With locations throughout the country, we bring the depth, experience, 国家组织的资源包括财产评估, maintenance, tenant placement, lease compliance, and evictions. 我们努力工作,以保持您的财产占用,希望产生收入,可以有助于实现您的财务目标.

What customers are saying

“Loved my experience with Real Property Management Solutions. 在我询问后,他们立即联系了我,让我参观一处房产,并迅速有效地设置了它. James, in particular, was very helpful and communicative. Would recommend!” – Jacqueline
“到目前为止,我们已经与房地产管理解决方案公司合作了6个月,这段经历完全符合我们的期望. 易于合作,专业,总是建设性地解决问题. Thank you for making this a positive working relationship.” – Scott
“这家公司最近接管了我们以前的大发体育在线管理和租赁业务, I can't be happier. They communicate very well, they are very prompt and very patient. I sure appreciate them immensely. Thank you.” – Moe

What is it?

This report includes rent estimates, rental comps, and local metrics.

How do I get it?


What's the catch?

There isn't one! 我们会打电话给您讨论您的房产,回答您的任何问题,然后将报告通过电子邮件发送给您. No cost, no contract, no pressure.

Can we meet at the property in person?

Yes! We can schedule a walk-through to set expectations, provide rent-ready maintenance suggestions, and discuss how we can find you a quality tenant.

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The Neighborly Done Right Promise

大发体育在线管理公司提供的睦邻承诺®, a proud Neighborly company

在为您的投资大发体育在线寻找合适的大发体育在线经理时, 你想知道的是,他们第一次站在自己的工作背后,把工作做好. At Real Property Management we have the expertise, technology, and systems to manage your property the right way. 我们努力优化您的投资回报,同时保护您的资产,让您安心. 我们训练有素,技术精湛的团队努力工作,确保您的大发体育在线管理得到妥善处理.

Canada excluded. Services performed by independently owned and operated franchises.

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